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"Everyone can learn to score points in volleyball. I love helping you find your game, and celebrating your achievements." 

CHRIS HARGER: Club Director Game-Time Beach Volleyball Club


2021-Present St. Jude The Apostle School Head Volleyball Coach

2020-Present SMBC/LAVA Indoor Boys’ and Girls' Volleyball Club Coach

2019-2001 (18 years) Founder and Club Director Spectrum Volleyball Club

2019-2012 USA Volleyball NTDP (High Performance) Coach and Evaluator 

-2019 Coach, Boys' High-Performance Championships, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Boys' Youth A1 Team)

-2016 Coach, Boys' High-Performance Championships, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Boys' Youth A1 Team)

-2014 Coach and Evaluator, (Boys' Jr. National Team)

-2013 Coach, Boys' High-Performance Championships, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Boys' Youth A1 Team)

-2012 Coach, Boys' High-Performance Championships, De Moines, IA (Boys' Youth Continental Team)

2018 Oak Park High School Boys' Varsity Head Coach
        -Head Coach Oak Park Boys’ Beach Volleyball Team

2017 Camarillo High School Boys' Varsity Assistant Coach, Girls' JV Head Coach
        -Head Coach Camarillo Boys’ Beach Volleyball Team

2016-2014 La Reina Jr. High School Head Coach

2008-2002 AVP Pro Beach Player

-4-time Manhattan Beach 6-Man Champion (Team Magnum
1st Place: 2005, 2008, 2009, 2010. 2nd place: 2004, 2006, 2011

2000-1997 USA National Team, Middle Blocker

-2000 Olympic Alternate, Sydney, AUS

-1998 World Championships

-1997-2000 Multiple National and International Tours

1999-2000: Div.1 German Indoor Pro League: VFB Friedrichshafen, Middle Blocker

-2000 Gold Medal German League Championship

-2000 Silver Medal, European Champions League

1998-1999: Div. 1 Greek Indoor Pro League: Painia Volley, Opposite

1998 US Open National Championships: Gold Medal, First Team All-Tournament, All-Rookie Team

1997-1993 UCI: Middle Blocker

-1997 NCAA All-American, (First in School History)

-UCI Records set for Kills, Blocks, and Aces
  (54 Kills in a match vs. UOP)

-1996/97 Team Captain

1993-1989 Long Beach Polytechnic High School

-Team Captain

-1993 Fab 50

-1993 Volleyball Scholarship awarded from UC Irvine

Chris has been married since 2005 to Betty Harger and has two daughters Mickenna and Alyssa.



"Chris, we want to thank you for taking time away from your family this past club season to coach the 18's team. You could have passed the coaching duties onto another coach on your staff but committed to the 18's team and we appreciate that you did so. We also want to thank you for keeping your promise of making the 18's team become a reality. It's a rarity in girls' club volleyball that a coach/club director keeps his or her promise to a player and her parents, so thank you again for making this team happen. This past season at Spectrum VBC has been such a positive and enjoyable experience. Marlie has had a rough couple years of organized volleyball, so it was nice for Marlie to finish her club playing days enjoying volleyball again. Thank you again for everything!"
-Mrs. T.



"Hi Chris--Emily was on your team last year and had a great experience. She is doing some coaching for her school an loving it. Parents will often tell her what a great job she is doing. In speaking to her she will defer all the credit to you and the coaching she received. She said you both brought her along as a player as well as in her attitude. As you may know, she is very devoted--a hard worker for sure. She said you noticed that and inspired her to try harder and, because of that, she improved across the board. I just wanted you to know you had a significant influence on her skills, motivation, and character. Thank you and well done."
-Tim B.



"Chris, thank you for coaching me and encouraging me in my game. I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed playing on your team, training with you, and having you as my coach."
-Emily B.



"Dear Chris, it’s with great sadness that I write you to express our fond farewell. Jake and I found tremendous benefit in your volleyball program, and your expert coaching. We had some ups and downs, and all of it was a great life experience. Neither of us will forget you and your volleyball club. Please consider us if you ever need a glowing referral. Wishing you and your family every happiness!"
-Debra K.



"Chris, thank you, thank you, thank you for all the wonderful gifts you have given to us over the last two years. Thank you for believing in Maclain, teaching him to believe in himself and for helping him to become both a better man and better volleyball player. Your encouragement both on and off the court to Mac and all the Spectrum players is so very appreciated. Gratefully yours."
-Mrs. P.



"Chris, I can't thank you enough for how much you've helped me with volleyball. Before I came to Spectrum, I was on the 2nd team at my previous club and being made fun of by other players there. Thanks to you I can finally show them who is better. You have been such a great coach to me, and I'm glad I can tell my next volleyball coach that the legendary Chris Harger taught me everything I know about volleyball. You are a great coach, but you're also a great friend."
-Julian T.



"Dear Chris Harger, 
Thanks again for the plaque at the Jr. Olympics. It was nice to see a picture of all the team together. I also want to thank you for allowing me to play for your club all these years. I had a lot of fun, and it was a great experience."
-Ethan M.



"Thank you again for the great coaching that you gave Christian. It gave him a better understanding of the game and increased his confidence and playing ability. He hopes to earn a spot on your club team and work with you again in the future. Take care."
-Julie B.



"Our son Michael played for Spectrum VB for 2 1/2 seasons and during his time with the club he received knowledgeable coaching and instruction. Practices were at times demanding, but his skills consistently improved throughout his time with the club. As parents we appreciated the fun, safe environment Spectrum offered as well as the guidance Michael received from Chris about the college recruiting process and the volleyball opportunities that exist for him after college."
-Wendy H.

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